Compliments of the season to all! Otago Hand Therapy, now part of the Hand Rehab Group

Our Story

Otago Hand Therapy was set up by Registered Hand Therapist Alison Derbyshire on moving from Rotorua to Dunedin in 2009.  Over the years, Otago Hand Therapy has cared for thousands of Otago locals at our clinic in Central Dunedin.

The story of Hand Rehab starts in 2009 when Doug and Laura Bryant saw that people could receive more frequent and favourable treatments by being seen by someone with Hand Therapy expertise in private practice closer to where they live and work.  Doug, a Physiotherapist, started working on the business initially and was later joined by Laura, an Occupational Therapist.

GP’s and specialists have recognised the benefits of referring patients to a hand therapist with advanced knowledge.

Doug and Laura’s philosophy is to ensure that Hand Rehab maintains the upmost levels of service for our patients and strives to place itself at the forefront of hand therapy within New Zealand.  

Doug is the current president of Hand Therapy New Zealand, the association which oversees Hand Therapy in New Zealand.

The Hand Rehab Timeline

Doug opened our first clinic in Porirua on 23 July 2009.

The next clinic to open was in Upper Hutt in November 2010.

Within six months our Lower Hutt clinic opened in March 2011, followed by Wellington and Newtown clinics in August 2011.

In early 2013 our clinic which is located within the Bowen Hospital in Crofton Downs opened. 

Moving further afield, our Kapiti clinic opened in June 2016, followed by Palmerston North in January 2017.

With growth of our services and increase in the number of hand therapists employed by Hand Rehab, the clinics have moved over time from sub-let rooms, to our own small clinics, to larger premises so at the start of 2021 we had 42 staff across the eight clinics.

In July 2021, Hand Rehab purchased the business Otago Hand Therapy from Alison Derbyshire, marking the first clinic outside of the Lower North Island.