Our Services

ACC First Consultation - Assessment And Treatment

A comprehensive initial assessment to help us determine which tissues are injured, how this is affecting your ability to use your hand, wrist or elbow and make a treatment plan to help you towards regaining the use of your arm.

May be fully funded by ACC - please call Wendy, our receptionist, to confirm

ACC Follow Up Appointments

Approximately 20 - 30 minutes. We will assess your progress to date, note any difficulties you have had with your exercises or splinting and modify the treatment plan accordingly.

May be fully funded by ACC - please check with Wendy, our receptionist, to confirm.

Private (Non ACC Funded) First Consultation - Asssesment And Treatment

A 30 - 45 minute appointment to assess your hand, wrist or elbow issue and how this is affecting you. We will work with you to develop a treatment plan of exercises to help restore your hand/arm function and show you how to help yourself in future.


Private (Non ACC Funded) Follow Up Appointments

30 minute appointments to review your progress to date, discuss any concerns or questions you may have had with your exercise programme and modify the programme accordingly.